Prada Paper ClipWell, this was an interesting find while browsing the Internet today. This wonderful money clip from fashion power house Prada sells for a mere $185. Barney’s New York currently has it on sale here for $150. WHAT??? WTF??? Apparently it’s made out of sterling silver but still $185 for this? Well, Twitter blew up about this product release and there was a lot of interesting comments by the Twittersphere. You can check out some here, if you’re interested. Some are actually pretty funny. In a nut shell if your trying to build your Thrifty Empire buying this is not how you do it. If you have enough money to spend $185 on a money clip like this well then why would you spend time trying to save money. However if you are really wanting a money clip that looks like a money clip you could consider this one Ox & Bull Trading OB-PCLP-MC Paper Clip Money Clip – Stainless Steel for $25. Then again if you’re really wanting to go cheap on a fancy money clip a standard large paper clip from your local office supply store for about 5 cents will work also. I know this as I use one from time to time and it works fine. What if your pocket money is too large for a standard large paperclip, you ask? Well, I would suggest a high end 1 cent rubber band to keep your green backs all sorted. Take the money that you didn’t spend on the high end Prada clip and put that in your savings account instead, just saying.

I would be really interested to know what you think about this sub $200 product and if you think it’s something that would make your world better by owning one. Maybe you have another suggestion for carrying your pocket money around. Leave a comment or go to the contact us page.