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If you build it, they will come!

I’m sure many of you have heard the term “If you build it they will come.” and if not well now you have. As cities expand and rise more people are packing themselves into smaller amounts of space.

Why should you care you might ask? Well think about it from this perspective. The American Dream is based on owning your own home. Well these days median single family home prices range from $75K to over $1.5 million. So depending on where you live will depend on how much debt you’ll have for a very long time if you want your slice of the pie called the “American Dream”. Check out this great heat map from Trulia to get a better perspective. So building your own Thrifty Empire is more important than ever.


humor in the news

John Oliver

last week tonight with john oliver

Some of my favorite John Oliver shows

Donald Trump

Trump vs. Truth

Government Surveillance

Border Wall


Nuclear Weapons

information is key!

Many people watch their favorite news channels to get information but recently more people get their world news from Facebook and other social media websites. Which is fine is you know who is serving it up to you.

I personally enjoy many sources of information that I’m happy to share with you. Two of my favorite sources for humor and a perspective on world news comes from HBO’s John Oliver & Bill Maher. I enjoy the stories they share and how they choose to share them. They make me laugh while giving me something to think about. I would love to here about where you get your information from and why. Click on the contact us button to share.


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Longevity of your Home!

Our trusted team of designers, architects, and builders are standing by to help you improve the value of your home. Home repair services are meant to improve the longevity of your home, as we carefully conduct maintenance repairs throughout the interior and exterior of your condo, single family home, or townhouse.


Kitchen and Bath

Kitchen and bath repairs! Did you know that together the kitchen and bathrooms are the most used rooms in the house? With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that the kitchen and the bath often need a few repairs.



Indoor Repairs

Keep your home shining at its absolute best with a few handy indoor home repairs. From electrical issues to cosmetic fixes, we can get your home ready for inspection any day of the week.


Exterior Repairs

Whether you want new garage doors or the gutters are swinging from their hinges, our outdoor repair services will give your home the curb-appeal that it needs to look its best.


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